It is one of the cleanest, ecological Polish lands. Clean air and water, the richness of nature, flora and fauna, make this land very attractive in many ways.
The beautiful landscapes of Polesie consist of numerous moors, marshes, lakes, and above all, a vast complex of Parczew Forests with specific flora and numerous species of fauna.

People who want to know these areas may choose from a variety of educational pathways. Numerous hiking trails and bike lanes encourage to return anyone who seeks contact with nature unspoiled by civilization, or those who want to unwind and relax. Many attractions of Łęczyńsko – Włodawskie Lake District, situated near Parczew, are also waiting for active rest lovers.

Nature and the economy
The area around Parczew is considered the best area to use solar energy in Poland, both for energy production and the extensive use of photovoltaic cells.

The city authorities care about ecology, therefore additional advantage is exceptionally clean environment. This makes Parczew an ideal place for investment in the agricultural sector.