• Parczew


    Parczew is centrally located in the northern part of Lublin Province. It is now the seat of the county authorities and an important local transportation hub that creates a network of regional roads with railway line Lublin – Łuków. The border crossing in Sławatycze, approximately 50 km away from Parczew, is also the eastern border of the European Union. The municipality covers an area of 146 km2 and its population counts 16,000 people.

  • An excellent place for business


    Parczew perfectly combines the advantages of small-town peaceful and safe life with extensive business facilities. It offers excellent road infrastructure and convenient rail connection with Lublin and Warsaw.
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  • Nature


    It is one of the cleanest, ecological Polish lands. Clean air and water, the richness of nature, flora and fauna, make this land very attractive in many ways.
    The beautiful landscapes of Polesie consist of numerous moors, marshes, lakes, and above all, a vast complex of Parczew Forests with specific flora and numerous species of fauna.

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  • Historic profile


    Parczew is one of the oldest towns in the Lublin region. The Town received civic rights in 1401 from the hands of Wladyslaw Jagiello, although the settlement with the same name existed earlier. In 1413 at the Congress of Horodlo, the city was designated as the place of Sejm sessions and Polish – Lithuanian conventions. This fact initiated the stable development of Parczewo and by the end of the sixteenth century the Town experienced a period of its greatest splendor. In those days Parczew was an important point on the political and economic map of The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.