An excellent place for business


Parczew perfectly combines the advantages of small-town peaceful and safe life with extensive business facilities. It offers excellent road infrastructure and convenient rail connection with Lublin and Warsaw.

Parczew has a high degree of infrastructure – sewage system, water supply, gas pipeline, its own sewage treatment plant and a modern system of segregation and waste disposal. Furthermore, in recent years a large part of the city has been revitalized.
Parczew possesses modern playgrounds, the extensive network of kindergartens and schools with attractive didactic base and sports facilities, a well-developed vocational education and fully equipped swimming pool complex.

Parczew is a safe and environmentally friendly town. Comfortable and easy to live, work, realize one’s own passions and to take a rest. Residents are friendly and open-minded people with huge potential, particularly among the young and creative persons.

Companies that possess their headquarters in Parczew are:

  • Elpar Cable Factory – producing high quality cables and exporting them all over the world.
  • Economic Glass Factory – forming beautiful glass masterpieces for many years.
  • Vinegar and Mustard factory – known across Poland for its excellent products.
  • The branch of Dairy Cooperative „Spomlek” – the manufacturer of high-class, noble and long ripening cheese, well-known not only in Europe.
  • Horticultural Farm W. Sidor – where several hectares are inhabited by tomatoes, recognized also in the British Isles.
  • Agronom – Plant – producer of strawberries and their seedlings cherished from Greece to Spain.

We offer the entrepreneurs excellent conditions for the establishment and development of business by:

  • The administrative acts regulating the development direction and strategy of the municipality.
  • The complete planning documentation that shortens time of necessary decision making and arrangements.
  • The system of tax credits for entrepreneurs.
  • Parcels of land, separated and prepared for investments – we have 4 zones earmarked for investment activities.
    Individual attendants – the worker, who helps in dealing with all official matters, is assigned to the inwestor. No more unnecessary bureaucracy and sending away „from window to window”.
  • Openness and transparency of investment – all relations with entrepreneurs are transparent.